Locke & Key – Keys To The Kingdom #1 Preview!




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  • Tom Says:

    I have no idea why I ever picked up the book “Welcome to Lovecraft” last year, but after flipping through the pages and being very impressed with the artwork, I bought it. I was blown away after reading it. Shortly after I finished it, “Head Games” was available…I bought it and again I was blown away. I then became a monthly follower traveling to the local comic book store picking up issue after issue.
    “Sparrow” is my favorite issue to date. I just finished reading for the 4th time. The artwork style for the narrative is brilliant.

    Gabe, that was really well done and very enjoyable. I look forward to the next issue, how high can you raise the bar?

    – Tom

  • Axel Says:

    Seco!, la cagaste.

  • Rodrigo Says:

    Que bueno tu trabajo, la calidad de las imágenes, el dibujo y las escenas es impresionante, muy bueno!

  • Marcelo Says:

    Todo genial desde los dibujos hasta el guion , excelentes trabajos dan mucho gusto leerlos . suerte y saludos .

  • Marcus Says:



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