Locke & Key: Ghost Key – Anywhere Key – Head Key

Hi everyone!

Introducing the first of a series of posts about the magic Keys that our heroes will find in their adventures in Keyhouse.  More keys, and more info about them, soon.

Hola a todos!

El primero de una serie de posteos acerca de las llaves mágicas que nuestros héroes irán descubriendo durante sus aventuras en Keyhouse. Pronto, más llaves y más información acerca de sus facultades.

6 Responses to “Locke & Key: Ghost Key – Anywhere Key – Head Key”

  • Misael Urbina Says:

    Hola Gabriel

    Me gustan mucho los diseños de las llaves, en especial la ghost-key


  • Andreas Says:

    Hi Gabriel,
    these keys are three pieces of outstanding artwork. It is amazing, how many details you built in the keys and the rest of the Locke & Key comics. Too bad the issues are published in actual comic size.

    Would love to read more about these three keys and any new ones you and Joe come up with in the series :)

    All the Best

  • gr Says:

    Hi Andreas,
    Really glad you’re enjoying L&K that much. We’re prepairing a little “keys-bonus” for the collected edition of Head Games, hope will be a nice extra.
    Thanks for the support!

  • Cristian Moreno Says:

    Gabriel, this is really impressive work – I’ve read all the comics so far, and I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

  • Marlon V Garcia Says:

    Great Ilustration Entry, This three Keys could be the solution to solve any enigmatic problem, but What is the key to succed and to conquer any wonderful destiny? well the Head Games probably may disclose the real solution to solve this enigma, however in my opinion this three keys depic 1) the Ghost Key (the enigma) 2) the head key (Knowing what you want) but Using your brain, and head, and 3) the Enywhere Key to win the Head Games,

  • virgil Says:

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    tnx for info….

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