Jul 10 2011

Joe Hill and Myself commenting all four Locke & Key Volumes so far!

May 26 2011

Locke & Key Eisner Nominations get attention in the Chilean Media

Emol TV Interview:

Apr 30 2011

Locke & Key: Keys To The Kingdom #6 Reviews!

So, volume 4 of Locke & Key finally ended, and as we promised, with a pretty shocking ending…. right?

Thanks to everyone for keep supporting our book, and for the nice reviews we’ve been receiving, specially in this last issue. You can chack some of them here:


– Newsarama Best Shots Rapid Reviews (scroll down)

– MajorSpoilers (not SO major spoilers this time, but spoilers anyway… be careful!)

Also, a very nice podcast review by the Tres Komikeros here,

and finally, Fresh Ink host Blair Butler gives us her thumb up by choosing L&K Pick Of The Week!

Check that video review here:

Mar 4 2011

Blair Butler from Fresh Ink on Locke & Key Keys To The Kingdom #5

Oct 16 2010

LIVE FROM New York: Comic Book Club!

Had a great time with hosts Alex, Justin and Pete, (and Booth Man) and with guests Bill Plympton and Declan Shalvey

Aug 26 2010

Locke & Key: Welcome To Lovecraft comic trailer…

Trailer by Jester2415 (nice work, man!)

Aug 16 2010

Locke & Key Keys to The Kingdom #1 Reviews! (UPDATED!)

Aug 16th,




Aug 15th, preety nice reviews here:


-Panels On Pages

and also some nice vibes from Blair Butler in her SD CC Special:

Jul 20 2010

Some nice Locke & Key: Crown Of Shadows #6 feedback!

Jul 20th,

Majorspoliers (warning: MAJOR spoilers!)

Jul, 19th,

A few very nice reviews, plus a couple video reviews, too. Thanks again to Blair Butler for choosing us as her Pick Of The Week!

Newsarama’s Best Shots

iFanboy’s review by ibagree

May 1 2010

Fresh Ink: Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows #5 – Pick Of The Week… AGAIN!

Blair still loves L&K!:

Mar 20 2010

Fresh Ink Online: Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows #4 – Pick Of The Week!