May 4 2010

Locke&KIDZ!?? (plus, Crown Of Shadows #5 Review…)

You didn’t see this one coming, huh?

More info soon…

lk Locke&Kidz

Also a very nice review of Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows #5

-Comics Bulletin

Apr 5 2010

Locke & Key: Crown Of Shadows, available for PSP with audio comments by the creators! (UPDATED!)

Apr 5th,


Locke & Key: Crown Of Shadows #2:

In The Cave.” Fearless Kinsey wants to go deeper to cast some light upon a secret about her father’s past…. but the price may be too high for her and her friends!

It also features an audio commentary by creators Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez, and their editor Chris Ryall.

Download link here:

Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows #2

Mar 26th,


Locke & Key: Crown Of Shadows #1:

Prologue: “The Haunting of Keyhouse.” Sam Lesser may be dead and gone, but Dodge still has uses for him, and in the first chill days of October, will make contact with him again. The dead know things the living may not, and Sam’s restless spirit has had time to discover the thing Dodge wants to know most of all… where to find the key to the black door. The third storyline in the Eisner-nominated series begins here!

Features an audio commentary by creators Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez, and their editor Chris Ryall.

Download link here:

Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows #1

Mar 22 2010

More Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows #4 Reviews!

New (and nice), review at Newsarama’s Best Shots!:

-Newsarama (scroll down, 3rd review…)

Also, mentioned before.

– IGN Comics

– San Diego Comic Books Examiner

Mar 19 2010

Locke & Key digital comics for your PSP! (UPDATED!)


Mar 19th,

The Head Games arc concludes in Issue #6 with a disturbing journey into Ellie Whedon’s past, as Dodge reaches new levels of perversity… Download link HERE:

El ciclo de Head Games termina en su sexta entrega con un perturbador viaje al pasado de Ellie Whedon, mientras Dodge alcanza nuevos y sutiles niveles de perversidad… Link de descarga AQUÍ:

Locke & Key: Head Games #6


Mar 05th,

And the Head Games saga continue this week for your PSP! Don’t miss it: Issue #4 already available! Donload link HERE:

Y la saga de Head Games continúa en tu PSP. ¡No te la pierdas! Número #4 disponible para descarga AQUÍ:

Locke and Key: Head Games #4


Feb 26th,

More Locke & Key for your PSP!  Head Games #3 available this week.  Download it NOW!

Más Locke & Key para tu PSP!  Head Games #3 disponible desde esta semana.  Descárgalo YA!

Locke and Key: Head Games #3

Feb 20th,

IDW keeps leading the way on digital comics!
If you use to enjoy your comics on your PSP, be sure to get Locke & Key!
Right now, you can have all six issues of Welcome to Lovecraft, and Head Games issues 1 and 2!
Check here:

IDW sigue a la vanguardia en comics digitales!
Si acostumbras disfrutar tus comics en tu PSP (o pretendes acostumbrare a hacerlo), asegurate de conseguir Locke & Key!
Actualmente están disponibles las 6 entregas de Welcome to Lovecraft, y los números 1 y 2 de Head Games acaban de debutar.

Locke and Key: Head Games #2

Locke and Key: Head Games #1

Mar 10 2010

AICN COMICS: Sixth Annual @$$IE AWARDS Love Locke & Key!

Ain’titcool Comics honored LOCKE & KEY in three categories in their AICN COMICS: SIXTH ANNUAL @$$IE AWARDS…
Best Miniseries, Best Cover and Best Artist (my very first Best Artist nomination… I’m blushed….). I suspect we will see Joe Hill in the Best Writers list soon…. (stay tuned for updates…)

Check here: [link]
and here:     [link]

Thanks a lot to the whole AICN gang!

LOCKE & KEY ha sido honrada en la sexta versión de los AICN COMICS: @$$IE AWARDS en nada menos que tres categorías!
Mejor Miniserie, Mejor Portada y Mejor Artista (mi primera nominación personal como mejor artista de mi carrera… estoy sonrojado…). Sospecho que pronto veremos a Joe Hill listado entre los Mejores Guionistas, lista que no sale a la luz aún…

Pueden chequear en los links ya posteados.

Muchísimas gracias a toda la pandilla de AICN! (atentos a próxima actualización…)

Mar 8 2010

Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows #3 Reviews!

Very nice ones, thanks!

Muy positivas, gracias!

IGN Comics – “There isn’t a single person I wouldn’t recommend this book to. It’s the smartest and most entertaining comic you’ll find on the stands. If you still aren’t reading Locke & Key, you’re missing out on one of the best series out there. Period.”

Newsarama – (3rd review on the “pellets” list…) – “No se me ocurre una razón lógica para no ser fan de Locke & Key, que con un trabajo artístico de primerísima y una trama intrigante y amena se forma una colección que es una adquisición obligatoria en mi anaquel mes a mes.”

And a couple video reviews:

Mar 2 2010

Chile Will Rise! (UPDATED!- new help links)

Four days after the impact of the second biggest earthquake in our recent story, we’re finally recovering power and communications at home.

A lot of people has been asking how’s everything here, and the situation is basically this: our major cities, Santiago,Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Concepción were affected, but the worst situation by far is in the last one, ’cause it’s a very big city too close to the eartquake’s “ground zero”. Some roads destroyed, loss of energy and water in some points and some buildings collapsed in the other cities, but Concepción has a very desperate situation of isolation, lack of services and incommunication. Hopefully, the situation will be returning to normal status, but it will be very slow. Nevertheless, the worst damage was in a series of cost towns and villages that were literrally wiped out by a series of tsunamis. Iloca, Constitución, Pelluhue, Pichilemu, Curanipe,Talcahuano and lots of other coast towns almost disappeared, and the same happened in the town on Robinson Crusoe’s Island, deep into the ocean.

Also, many people has been asking, how and where to send help. I know lots of international organizations are coordinating efforts to the areas that needed them more, so I’ll start posting the Red Cross web link that’s collecting help, and I’ll try to update this post with more alternatives to help in further updates:

1. Red Cross International Response Fund — the American Red Cross International Response Fund helps victims of crises such as the Chile and Haiti earthquakes. If you wish to designate your funds to a specific crisis, you’ll need to mail in your donation.

2. Americares — funds go exclusively to the Chilean earthquake (and tsunami relief, should further tragedies occur)

3. Google Crisis Response, with channels benefiting UNICEF and DirectRelief International
– use your Google Checkout account to donate instantly to these charities

4. World Vision Disaster Response Fund – your money goes towards relief efforts for global disasters worldwide (not Chile specifically)

My sincere thanks to lots and lots of people that wrote asking for me and my family. We were lucky enough to have only very minor material damage to report, we are all healthy and fine, affected only by the big scare. So thanks to all, specially to good friends like Chris Ryall, Joe Hill, Blair Butler, Israel Skelton, Bill Schaeffer and many more. Thanks also for spreading the voice, calling attention to help people that really need it in this country. Hopefully we will gather our will and forces very soon, and will rise from the ruins stronger and wiser than before.









Feb 19 2010

Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows#3 – Available on Feb, 17th!(*) – UPDATED!

Feb 19,
Five page preview!


Feb 16,

(*) In his blog, Chris Ryall from IDW announced that in the east coast of the U.S. will be available probably a week later, due to the current winter storms…

Feb 6 2010

Novelas Gráficas, Narrativa del Futuro – Partes 1 y 2 (UPDATE!)

Novelas Graficas Narrativa del Futuro parte 2 from XFlint on Vimeo.

Novelas Graficas Narrativa del Futuro parte 1 from XFlint on Vimeo.

Jan 15 2010

Locke & Key Head Key!

Amazing Christmas gift from Joe Hill and Skelton Crew Studio. Israel Skelton is an amazing artist!

Thanks guys!