Sep 30 2010

GR Getting Ready for New Yor Comic Con!

A few activities in which I’ll be involved that are already programmed…

Friday – IDW Booth #2115 – Locke & Key Signing: 4:30 – 5:30PM
Friday – IDW Panel: 5:45 – 6:45PM
Updates soon!

Sep 5 2010

GR on twitter now…

To discuss comics (not just Locke & Key), illustration, movies, music and fun stuff…

Here: GR_comics on twitter.

Para hablar de comics (no sólo Locke & Key), ilustraciones, cine, música y una que otra cosa más…

Aquí: GR_comics en twitter

Sep 4 2010

Locke & Key: Crown Of Shadows – #2 New York Times Best-Seller Graphic Novels List!

Posted online on Sept 2nd (check here), on printed edition next Sept 12th-

Thanks to all our readers!-


Sep 2 2010

Locke & Key TV Show by Kurtzman, Orci, Friedman and Spielberg!

L&K TV 2

Yes, guys, finally some official updates about this.
Facts: Steven Spielbergs’ Dreamworks TV is moving forward with a pilot produced by Andy Kurtzman & Robert Orci (Fringe), based on Locke & Key series created by Joe Hill and yours truly. Also producing, Josh Friedman (Terminator: Sarah Connors Chronicles), who will be the lead writer and show runner of the series. With such Dream Team in charge, the series should be airing next year…

More information, check this much funnier and well written post at Joe Hill’s Blog.

Updates soon!

Aug 26 2010

Locke & Key: Welcome To Lovecraft comic trailer…

Trailer by Jester2415 (nice work, man!)

Aug 16 2010

Locke & Key Keys to The Kingdom #1 Reviews! (UPDATED!)

Aug 16th,


Aug 15th, preety nice reviews here:


-Panels On Pages

and also some nice vibes from Blair Butler in her SD CC Special:

Aug 11 2010

Locke & Key for Everyone!

Today –

Aug 11th

Soon –

New Keys

More info, check Joe Hill’s or Chris Ryall’s blogs.

Keys models courtesy of Skelton Crew Studio.

Jul 27 2010

Get ready for a Locke & Key month this August…! (UPDATED!)

July 27th-

Coming soon,

Locke & Key August 2010

July 26th,


Next August 11th:

Locke & Key, Crown Of Shadows HC

Locke & Key, Keys To The Kingdom #1

Locke & Key, Welcome To Lovecraft #1 Legacy Edition (for only $1,00 – YES, ONLY $1,00 –  get the full first issue, plus an 8 page recap of all the events of Welcome To Lovecraft, Head Games and Crown Of Shadows, starring Joe Hill himself!)

Jul 20 2010

Some nice Locke & Key: Crown Of Shadows #6 feedback!

Jul 20th,

Majorspoliers (warning: MAJOR spoilers!)

Jul, 19th,

A few very nice reviews, plus a couple video reviews, too. Thanks again to Blair Butler for choosing us as her Pick Of The Week!

Newsarama’s Best Shots

iFanboy’s review by ibagree

May 25 2010

About Crown Of Shadows HC and Interview…

A Deep Discusion with Decapitated Dan, featured in From The Tomb Magazine. Mostly Locke & Key related stuff…

Interview here-

Also about Locke & Key:
Crown Of Shadows collected book will feature an introduction by Brian K. Vaughn! (Y: The Last Man, Ex-Machina, Pride Of Baghdad)
Thanks Brian!

Una Discusión Profunda con Decapitated Dan, incluida en From The Tomb Magazine. Principalmente asuntos relativos a Locke & Key…


Además acerca de Locke & Key:
La edición recopilada de Crown Of Shadows incluirá una introducción escrita ni más ni menos que por el gran Brian K. Vaughn! (Y: The Last Man, Ex-Machina, Pride Of Baghdad)
Gracias Brian!

Plus, check Locke & Key: Crown Of Shadows HC Art:

Locke & Key 3 Crown Of Shadows sample