Aug 1 2011

Fresh Ink Online Comic-Con 2011: Locke & Key’s Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

Locke & Key team LIVE in San Diego Comic Con!

As always, thank you so much, Blair Butler, Fresh Ink team and G4 for supporting our book!

Jul 10 2011

Joe Hill and Myself commenting all four Locke & Key Volumes so far!

May 26 2011

Locke & Key Eisner Nominations get attention in the Chilean Media

Emol TV Interview:

Apr 30 2011

Locke & Key: Keys To The Kingdom #6 Reviews!

So, volume 4 of Locke & Key finally ended, and as we promised, with a pretty shocking ending…. right?

Thanks to everyone for keep supporting our book, and for the nice reviews we’ve been receiving, specially in this last issue. You can chack some of them here:


– Newsarama Best Shots Rapid Reviews (scroll down)

– MajorSpoilers (not SO major spoilers this time, but spoilers anyway… be careful!)

Also, a very nice podcast review by the Tres Komikeros here,

and finally, Fresh Ink host Blair Butler gives us her thumb up by choosing L&K Pick Of The Week!

Check that video review here:

Apr 20 2011

Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #1 Now Online!

Celebrating Locke & Key Eisner Awards 2011 Nominations in four categories (Best Series,Best One Shot or Single Issue, Best Writer and Best Penciller / Inker), IDW Publishing released online for free the full issue nominated for Best One Shot: Locke & Key Keys To The Kingdom #1: “Sparrow”
Yes, you can read it COMPLETE here:

Apr 8 2011


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for your kindness and support / por su apoyo y buena onda

for the Eisner Awards Nominations for our work in Locke & Key with Joe Hill, Jay Fotos, Robbie Robbins, Chris Ryall and the incredibly supportive crew of IDW Publishing…

we do this work to share it with you all!

Mar 10 2011

Some New Locke & Key Reviews…

Locke & Key Keys To The Kingdom #5 on (Warning: MAJOR spoilers)

Locke & Key Volume 2: Head Games on

Mar 4 2011

Blair Butler from Fresh Ink on Locke & Key Keys To The Kingdom #5

Jan 7 2011

Legion Of Dudes reviews Locke & Key Vol 1: Welcome To Lovecraft (full of spoilers!)

Very interesting to check:
“Join the Dudes and special guest Robin from “Media Junkyard” as they delve into the first volume of Locke & Key from IDW. Written by Joe Hill and Illustrated by Gabriel Rodríguez, “Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft” tells the story of a family who moves to a magic mansion in Lovecraft MA following the murder of their father. Inside the walls of Keyhouse lay magical keys, hidden secrets, and one very evil unwanted guest. It’s every story element you loved as a kid, presented masterfully for adults.”

Check here

or Download Podcast here.

Nov 21 2010

New York, New York… en imágenes (UPDATED!)

Nov, 21st-

Interview for Newsarama with Alex, Justin and Pete from the Comic Book Club:

Oct, 28th-

Blair Butler in NYCC, commenting Locke & Key among other stuff: Here, in Newsarama.

Oct, 25th-

Como adelanto, la foto del encuentro con el gran Joe Hill después de la NYCC… más imágenes del evento y del paseo por la ciudad, pronto…